Earn Credentials as SMART Sustainability Practitioners
Get ahead of the information curve on the new era of SMART Sustainability with our new 10-month program

Exclusively Designed and Managed by American Sustainability Leadership Institute (AmerSLC)

SMART Sustainability Professional (SSP) Certification

The SMART Sustainability Professional program expands core sustainability knowledge for the candidates. Those new to the smart sustainable movement will get a better understanding of what they need to be knowledgeable in this field. Experienced practitioners will gain a fresh perspective on the interconnectivity of smart community-type development.

AmerSLC ‘s program fosters Leadership skills and cultivates an understanding of smart sustainability issues as interconnected. holistic, and relational. The focus is to expose candidates to commercially relevant information.

The program is a unique professional development experience. The Council uses a multi-sector, participatory approach to Learning diverse aspects of the emerging adoption of smart sustainable principles.

Program candidates will learn through presentations, group dialogue and shared experiences with high-caliber sustainable development practitioners from corporate, academic and government sustainability leaders who represent different sectors of the economy- including government agencies, military, healthcare, universities, energy, retail. cybersecurity and large and small companies.

Professionals who have completed the program will have experienced a rich mix of interactive learning and conceptual presentations focused on understanding the broader aspects of smart sustainability. The curriculum is flexible enough to allow professionals to discover distinctive opportunities that they can implement into their work environment.

The blended learning program is highly customizable and offers many specializations to meet individual needs and interests. With “community-type” development training through this program, candidates will be prepared with practical tools to meet today’s challenges as a team leader, project director, corporate leader. facilities and energy solutions manager in organizations and governmental and nongovernmental institutions.

Who will benefit from SSP certification?

  • Executive, Manager, Professional who needs to understand how SMART sustainability improves business performance
  • Professionals working in or preparing for leadership roles tasked to support the SMART sustainable business practices and goals of their organization
  • Professionals who need to create collaborative partnerships necessary to improve sustainable business practices and client services
  • Sustainability consultants who must analyze green challenges for their clients, develop supply-chain strategies to be integrated into best practices
  • Facilities and Operations Managers, Directors or Vice Presidents responsible for implementing SMART sustainability practices.
  • All professionals who need to learn Alternative Funding and how to identify Project Opportunities as new sales channels


Experience and Earned Credit Application

  • AmerSLC recognizes career experience earned from diversified knowledge, skills, and abilities in the early adoption of smart sustainability initiatives, innovations and technology capable of impacting endurable, viable and resilient economic development.
  • Candidates who satisfactorily complete the SSP Program receive AmerSLC’s “Smart Sustainability Professional” designation which may be used as personal and career credentials.
  • Bonus: SSP hours simultaneously earn SSP LEED and PE CEUs.


KNOWLEDGE AREAS: Topics include but not limited to:  SMART Sustainability, Efficiency, Resiliency, Transportation, Supply Chain, Security, Competitiveness, Funding, (end-to-end issues). Challenges and solutions from strategy to continuing innovation.  Cross-spectrum issues discussed by government, university, military, corporate, NGO and technology/innovation entrepreneurs and visionaries.


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