About the Council

American Sustainability Leadership Council is a private, industry-driven Groupthink that provides C-level professionals a stronger business  DNA component that will define the smart sustainability infrastructure.

Smart Sustainability, Resiliency, Smart Technology Innovation, Smart Grid/Energy, Smart Health, Smart Agriculture, Smart Security, Smart Retail, IOT Internet of Things

Representing the mid-Atlantic states and SW Florida

What we do

The mainstay of the Council is to provide peer-to-peer interaction with private businesses, universities, medical campuses, global corporations, military and government to quickly keep pace with what’s trending in the smart sustainability industry.

Selectively assemble representatives who constitute aspects of the “SMART” agenda as interpreted by their different segments.

Convene forums–INsights Series–several times a year where “Councilors” meet other smart sustainability leaders to aggressively pursue business development and support the development of a smart sustainable society. The topics are matched with Council participants’ interests to maximize business development and marketing. The topics deal with sustainability, integration of sustainable energy, introduction of energy technologies, homeland security initiatives: products, services, research and development from evolution to commercialization.

Additional services deliver critical time industry information, cultivation of business DNA, highly visible social media campaigns and personal communications to position corporations for future growth in a smart sustainable global environment.

Provide sustainability education -The Council has recently introduced a certification program to obtain credentials as a Smart Sustainability Professional (SSP)


Sustainability Leaders INsights Series – Who’s Who Fast Track

The Insights Sustainability Leaders Speakers Series are the fast track for C-level professionals to meet today’s visionaries, innovators and dealmakers from corporations, academia, military and government.  Meet the people you need to know.  Get on the inside information track.  Make profitable alliances in a private executive boardroom. 
Dynamic information condensed into 3 short hours.  5 Topics – Substantive information by leading authorities from corporations, universities and government presented in a private executive board room setting.  Events are scheduled several times a year.

Sustainability Leaders Speaker Series Insights and Education
  • Gain insights from peers who are turning challenges into new revenue streams
  • Learn what’s trending from reliable sources across diverse industries
  • Hear presentations from major corporations, universities, military and government talking about their sustainability programs, goals and projects
  • Get introduced to emerging entrepreneurial concepts, technologies and products
  • Understand how the latest research affects the sustainability industry
Sustainability Leaders Speaker Series Onsite h2h Opportunities

Benefit from substantive programming designed to suitably pair corporate, academic and government professionals ideas and talents

  • Qualified, exclusive lead generation
  • Fraternize -one time, one place with the top sustainability experts at the event with scheduled Matchmaking
  • Privileged access to mingle with corporate, academic, state, national business and government leaders
  • Discuss critical issues and form valuable alliances
Sustainability Leaders Speaker Series Social Media Communications & Marketing
  • Your active participation – Schedule a Presentation at a Sustainability INsights Series
  • Invite your targeted clients as guests to benefit from the entire Sustainability INsights Speaker Series experience
  • Expand your audience pre and post publicity of your presentation via social media campaigns and targeted communications are equal to a short term marketing campaign
  • Optimization – For your clients, community and shareholders – further demonstrate your active support for commercialization of sustainable business practices
  • Add the Council INsights webpage and Council Logo to your company’s marketing platform to expand your audience reach  (watch short media video demo)
Sustainability Leaders Speaker Series Education Credits
  • Engineers earn Professional Development credits for attendance
  • Facilities Managers earn Professional Development credits for attendance
  • Professionals earn Certificates of Attendance

Read about the next event and register online.

Sustainability Brand & Social Media Communications Booster Program

Optimum endorsement of your corporation’s role in promoting sustainability that uses the Council’s marketing and social media channels.

Maximize opportunities to showcase your corporation’s resourcefulness and ingenuity, gain greater market share, accolades and profitability. The Council can rebroadcast your tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media outlet notifications via our media channels. The “Council Endorsed” Booster Program stamps our “Seal of Approval” on your brand.

Provide a variety of venues, open forums, presentations and speaker series for colleagues to aggressively pursue business development and achieve sustainability goals

Gain timely industry information, highly visible social media communications to position corporations for future sustainability business.

Facilitate internal and external organizational collaboration. Provide business matchmaking to introduce Council participants to peers and colleagues who can benefit from personal introduction.substantive programming to link corporate and government professionals ideas and talents


American Sustainability Leadership Council was founded in 2003 based on the encouragement of creating an innovative sustainable culture. We were one of the nation’s pioneer consortiums to endorse all sustainable energy solutions that improve profitability. The Council functions as a platform to advance our “Councilors”. By leveraging our insights, we can constantly reinvent ourselves to adapt to evolving trends that are requisite to Council organizations. We are relentless in the pursuit of delivering timely, targeted information and maximizing communications and define ourselves by the achievements and accolades of those who are participants. Disclaimer: AmerSLC is non-partisan, does not engage in lobbyist activities and is not a member or trade organization.

Founding corporations:  Caterpillar, UGI Utilities, UPS, General Motors, Cummins, West Penn Sustainable Energy Fund, PA Turnpike Administration under the direction of Rosemary T McAvoy