About this Website

A Public Sustainability Website Dedicated to Exclusively Promoting Council Companies Initiatives, Projects, Services, Products and Accolades

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  • Drive More Business to your Company Website functioning as Auxiliary news outlet- Your company’s press releases are fed through our social media outlets :Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 
  • Re- broadcast Council Companies Press Releases and public announcements
  • Publish your company’s icon, Sustainability and Annual Reports www.AmerSLC.com
  • Showcase your company’s news in the “Featured Front Page” section of website
  • Prominently display your logo on public website www.AmerSLC.com
  • Placement advertising is optional for maximum promotion on the Council’s website for your Company’s Videos and Commercials 
  • Accolades – Post your awards, public recognition and events with web link back to your site
  • Advertise your company’s events and tradeshows