Diversity Procurement Goal Fulfillment

Ways to partner with Datamar, Inc. Procurement Services:

Procure company/agency-wide access to services that include:
Sustainability Education
Smart Sustainability Professional Certification Program
Sustainability Marketing and Communications
Sustainability Social Media Monitoring
Sustainability Program/Event Planning
Sustainability Project Management
Sustainability Package:  Education, Marketing, Social Media Monitoring and Communications

The Council presents a pragmatic way to meet corporate and government professionals and learn what’s trending in the sustainability industry.  We have designed a platform which combines sustainability education, marketing and public relations delivered via a series called “Sustainability Leaders Insights Series.  These power-packed programs are presented in a short span of 3 hours.  The presentations and panel discussions cover five topics that represent the diversified aspects of smart sustainability, followed by group dialogue.  Engineers receive 4 PDH’s.During these half-day sessions.  Other professionals receive an education certificate for each event they attend.

The topics deal with sustainability,critical issues regarding profitability and social responsibility, integration of alternative fuels and renewable energy to cut the bottom line or increase the top line, energy efficiency, introduction of new energy technologies: products, services, research-development from evolution to commercialization.

The platform for the Business Roundtables is designed to:

  • Create an Inimitable coalition building among companies/agencies that promote and market: sustainable products, programs, projects and initiatives via inclusion:
  • Attendance, presenter or host at the Roundtables
  • “SyncedIn” – Profile your company/agency in the private access Council Directory.  Profile your designated professionals is a sub section within the corporate profile.   Enable private internal communication, request collaboration for business, learn contact information and read about their current technologies, services, initiatives, programs and products.
  • Provide sustainability education to  your designated professionals* who are able to attend virtually or physically, without any additional cost, to attend sessions/events from any division or location of your company.
  • Provide highly visible public relations, marketing and facilitate strategic alliances that promote sustainability, capture market share for products/services and get public recognition for initiatives:
  • Promote your company/agency’s commitment to sustainability:
  • Featured speaker presentation at a Sustainability Leaders Insights event

  • Posting your annual sustainability report on the Council public website represented by an icon of the front cover of your report with a direct link back to your website point where the Annual report is actually located.  The Sustainability Report portal is available for public access.
  • Provide auxiliary media outlet for press releases, accolades and trending news by publishing on front page of the Council’s Sustainability Website.

(The public relations and marketing package that is equivalent to a short term marketing campaign.)

* Number of enrollees is determined by level of services procured by company/agency

Project Management
Datamar, Inc. is most successful when we provide a diverse skill set of staff augmentation.
  • Prime Contractor 1:
  • Datamar, Inc. has successfully partnered with the same prime contractor for over ten years.  We began our association with a ground floor operation to use their proprietary software applications for a state agency to maintain a database of drivers license information for cross check for elections and to create a security credential drivers licenses manufacturing and mailing center.  The operations center now produces secure credentials for seven states.
    The contract was recently rebid and awarded to the prime for another ten years.
    Prime Contractor 2:
    Prime was awarded contract to create an online law center that integrated all state departments legal documents, decisions and issues management.  Datamar, Inc. provided the staff and conducted the training to use the software.
    Prime Contractor 3:
    Prime was awarded contract to manage a health program for a state department.  Datamar, Inc. provided all printing of training materials.
    Prime Contractor 4:
    Prime was awarded contract to manage a state department of aging prescription plan.  Datamar, Inc. was included to provide staffing of the operations center.
    Project Consulting
    Datamar, Inc. provides independent research and grant writing services to companies.
    Datamar, Inc. has successfully submitted project proposals and garnered grant money in excess of $15M for:  NRG Energy, Pennfield,  AgCom and Soy Energy
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