Participation in the Council

Business Statement:
AmerSLC works with corporations to facilitate inter-connectivity within the Council business model for the commercialization of profitable sustainability in the mid-Atlantic and along the US Eastern Coast. These companies represent diversified sectors capable of providing innovation, technology and research so that collectively they can impact sustainable and resilient economic development. 
American Sustainability Leadership Council (AmerSLC) is a divergent executive-level groupthink who are involved in the operations that ultimately promote profitable sustainable business products, programs and practices.

Business Model:
We are a industry-driven private council that provides leaders and innovators, peer-to-peer insights, facilitates advantageous coalition building and expounds commendable efforts regarding all aspects of sustainability. Representing the mid-Atlantic states and SW Florida.
The model works by:
• Selectively assemble an alliance of senior leaders and innovators in strategic roles
• Identify their common challenges, provide insights to innovation in progress and present proven solutions
• Facilitate collaboration to eliminate reinvention
• Forge unique and confidential relationships among our Councilors and with us- h2h
• Proliferate accomplishments through targeted social communications and marketing program to leverage in-house brand marketing

(1)Sustainability Leaders INsights Speaker Series: These power-packed programs are presented in a short span of 3 hours. The sessions cover 5 topics that represent the diversified aspects of sustainability, followed by group dialogue. Peer-to-peer interaction with private businesses, universities, medical campuses, global corporations, military and government. Professional development credits are earned. 4 forums annually in January, April, July and October.

(2)Outreach Website: Public website created and maintained by the Council for the sole purpose of endorsing Council Companies news and accomplishments. Categories: Corporate, Universities, Government, Technology, Eco-collaboration, Accolades, Innovation, Mobility-Alternative Fuels, Electric & Battery, Automation, Conservation and Preservation. Each category has a story citation on front webpage with it coordinating Tag and Company new page.

(3)Optimized Social Media Communications: Each published story is sent out over our social network as a “Council-endorsed” event including but not limited to: Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

(4)SyncedIN – Communications Network – Synced|in is a proprietary new product developed by the Council specifically to enable “Councilors” to communicate within a private system including Privileged access to Directory, Council events speakers info and presentations, closed contact with other Councilors, funding, RFPs, collaboration requests, access education, market talents information.


American Sustainability Leadership Council was founded in 2003 based on the encouragement of creating an innovative sustainable culture. We were one of the nation’s pioneer consortiums to endorse all sustainable energy solutions that improve profitability.
The Council functions as a platform to advance our “Councilors”. By leveraging our relationships and insights, we can constantly reinvent ourselves to adapt to evolving trends that are requisite to Council organizations. We are relentless in the pursuit of delivering timely, targeted information and maximizing communications and define ourselves by the achievements and accolades of those who are participants. Disclaimer: AmerSLC is non-partisan, does not engage in lobbyist activities and is not a member or trade organization.