SSP (TM) Credentials Qualifications and Costs

AmerSLC’s Smart Sustainability Professional Program
Credentials and Costs

Qualifications for Candidates
Certification Candidates enter the program with a wide variety of degrees and professional backgrounds earned from their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field. There is not a prerequisite field of study or professional experience needed to succeed in the program. Courses accommodate working professionals.

Fees for the SSP certification are as follows:
Certification Application: $150
Series Registration: Live Option: $150 for AmerSLC-associated participants, Nonprofit/government; $125 , non-affiliated candidates $350/each (3 series required)
Webinars: $35/eachfor AmerSLC-associated Participants, nonprofit/government; $25, non-affiliated candidates $75 (3 webinars required)
Presentation /Examination: $100 for AmerSLC-associated participants, Nonprofit/government $75, non affiliated candidates $150 (Required with topic pre-approved by Council Board)
Certification Renewal: $200 annual and ongoing participation requirements
All fees must be paid at the time the application and the seminar registration are submitted and verified by AmerSLC. No application or examination fee refunds are allowed.
How to Qualify for Discounted Pricing
Candidates from Corporations, Associations and Agencies that are active participants in the American Sustainability Leadership Council automatically receive rates calculated at 75% discount. Prices listed above reflect the reduced price